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Mystica Organicum

by Sanjiva

Nocturne 04:10
Reflexion 03:49
Requiem 07:29
Paix 04:15


Classique minimaliste

The first four piano tracks in this albums remind us of the music composed around Gurdjieff. They have that intensity and clarity we know from de Hartmann but they have, in addition, a dimension of lightness and uplifting spaciousness. The intensity is created by neat spaces of silences between the notes, repetition of patterns and absolute perfection in rendition. What makes the music round and soft, easy for us to invite in and to let it penetrate under our skin might come from what we have learned from Osho: celebration! A yes to all!

Despite the title ‘Interlude dans l’antichambre de la mort’ (Interlude in the entrance hall of death) the sounds approach us tentatively and so delicately like in a children’s song, whilst ‘Requiem’ (Mass of the dead) is, on the one side, an hommage to the classical versions and, on the other hand, almost a parody, as if saying that death is not as gloomy as advertised. Death as a change, a turmoil, but leaving plenty of room to escape on the edges.

The Kyotaku in ‘Contemplation‘, one of Sanjiva’s most cherished instruments, is at centre stage. This long Shahuhachi flute is traditionally used for meditative music in Japan. Here it weaves around the bass notes of the cello, together creating the depths we need to dive into meditation and the expansion we need to relax into it. A masterpiece!

With ‘Paix’ (Peace) we come back to the haunting piano. Despite the simplicity of the melody it creates an atmosphere of anticipation. What is coming next? What is behind the corner? It is a music that pulls you in. Even if you needed to go and do something, it will pull you back; you will sit down and listen to the music – and become silent with it.

‘Le courage de la liberte’ (The courage of freedom) is only a minute long but lovely as an ending. Birds flying off – into freedom. Yes, that is the picture. Thank you Sanjiva!

Punya, Osho News

Your 'Mystica Organicum' is proving itself to be a real masterpiece: inspiring, beautifully structured and heart-felt. After a few months away I've returned to 'Une libellule dans le vestibule'and discovered in its sounds something that touches perfection. 'Paix': beautiful and mesmeric.
Bob Dickinson

Keep creating outstanding music!
Julia Kretsch

Listening to 'Nocturne': puts me in mind harmonically of Satie's 'Rosicrucian' period...a perfect companion to your other works. The use of similar intervals across your body of recent works gives everything a sense of totality and unity. The opening motif is particularly hypnotic......
Bob Dickinson

Just listened to your "Interlude" for piano here... so, so beautiful. Wonderful writing. Your music continues to be quite inspirational. Congratulations on this little "gem". Andrew Chubb

Il ya dans la mémoire, Des moments qui accrochent, En douceur et en larmes... Et sans aucun regret nous y laissons notre ame. "En desespoir de cause" simplement merci.
Annemarie Borg

Je suis heureux de découvrir votre démarche honnête et sensible.
Eric Lemieux - Composer

J'aime beaucoup votre musique. Elle me touche beaucoup.
Michel Fournier

What can I say...Some music finds the way to the center of our existance !
Katerina N

Votre musique ouvre des espaces où l'on allonge le pas pour vivre un instant, une rencontre... A une croisée des chemins de vies.
Pascale Scarabin

I always love to listen your Libellule dans le vestibuile...
Alessandra Celletti

For a long time did not listen to such fine music...
Sergey Iljinov

C'est absolument magnifique, je ne sais pourquoi une libellule dans le vestibule.. sans doute l'idée de quelque chose qui volète, tourne et retourne sans aucune lourdeur dans sa propre maison, dans son coeur.. cette musique m'a transportée.. WATINE

Your musics made a great impression on me. Especially, 'Contemplation' is my favorite. The incredible soulful melody is beyond all description...
Kenji Fieldbook

Every note you compose is perfect in it's flow. So beautiful but it never gets banal or predictable. And this one is both lifting and melancoly. I don't know how you do it. I rise to take off for this that was a wonderful place you took me for three minutes. You made my heart sing :-)
Dark Territory

Your music is profound and beautiful.
Malcolm Fisher

ré-ré-ré-fa 4x ré/la ré-ré/si etc, avoir le courage de la simplicité.

“En desespoir de cause” - so beautiful in so many ways. Music like this is the work of a very fine composer with a voice very much worth hearing again and again.
Andrew Chubb

Wonderful work!
Jeanette Sollén

It is an honor...My friend...Inspiring...Beautiful...
Michael J. Hummingway

Thank you for "En désespoir de cause". I like the obsessive theme and the profound crescedo. It makes me think of the consciousness battling with the subconsciousness. You have my admiration and respect.
Julia Kretsch

En desespoir de cause est mystérieuse, voire oppressante, la ligne de piano repetitive et la lenteur du violoncelle installe un climat sombre où effectivement on se sent un peu désarmé. Tres beau !
Mathieu Maze's Mood

Un immense merci pour cette invitation, qui nous donne l'occasion de connaître ton travail. Je dois te dire que ta musique m'a sincèrement et profondément touché. J'y vois des inspirations communes, et une belle mélancolie, de celle dont nous parlent les poètes.
Stéphane, Naïal

Un superbe travail j'aime beaucoup la nouvelle pièce aussi! que l'nspiration ne te quitte jamais...
Bruno Cavigliat

After 1 listen, I love it. Every note is perfect, just where it should be. It's got it's grip on me. I'm almost paralyzed to it. Lisas antenna

Such evocative, epic music. Beautiful!

I really like to listen your Contemplation!
Alessandra Celletti

Thanks for inviting me to such a pleasure!
Annton Beate Schmidt

I find your music to be enchantingly beautiful, riveting and unique, something that I know will keep on drawing me back again and again. Thank you for conveying so many deep emotions resonating to one's very soul. I can't find the words to say enough good things about your compositions, just bravo!!!
Joel Siegfried

love your music man! the subtleties are exquisite.
Billy Mallery, composer

I like the Contemplation very much, and it does makes me close my eyes and think. They are both my favorite instruments. can feel the struggle, chasing, and compromise in the story, the contrast between easten and western, the love and sadness, closer and further distance. If it's a love story, I would say that love is so deep but somehow it's hurting each other at the same time. They are trying to find a way to balance, but still they can't find a way out.
Wu Pu-Yu

Ton oeuvre est apaisante et force le respect!
Bruno Caviglia

I think you have good reason to be very excited about your work Contemplation. It is extremely striking in many ways. The timbres you have created are something else. It seems to keep shocking me too by its twists and turns which creates a very haunting and eerie emotional effect. Though at the same time there is elements of tranquillity - this strange conflict between the two emotions - I don't know if that was your intent but to me at least it has that powerful effect which is I think a mark of you abilities on many levels as a composer and why this piece is so effective..
Andrew Chubb

I absolutely love the contemplation! he haunting sound of the shakuhachi and the cello with the grounding basses are magnificent! Congratulations!! A truly perfect combination!!
Karin Leitner

It's mystically beautiful! :) Ming-Wei Neo

I was very moved by your beautiful music. I especially loved the Requiem.
Maya Beiser

Bonjour, je suis un peu chauffeur du dimanche quand il s'agit de composition classique mais vos notes me donne un rendez-vous du genre découverte. Je cherche les mots pour intelliger ce qui passe par cette musique et comment la décrire pour exprimer le devenir de l'homme dans son intériorisation devant l'univers de création. Que dire pour comprendre l'état de ces doigts sur le piano ou sur l'instrument à cordes pour mieux nous conduire hors des courants de siècles passés et actualiser les sons d'un maître habité des vibrations du désir de retour à l'origine de la création. Les sons envolés révêle un secret codé. J'espêre découvrir le sens mystérieux des vibrations de cordes en lien d'expression avec l'humain.
Roger Laramee

Intriging music it is....honest and deep... happy that there exist still emotional composers
Piet Swerts composer

You are saying many beautiful things - importantly your music is about soul which I guess is what the majority of my work too is trying to capture and is inspired by. What can be more beautiful than expressing things that are deep and hope to leave the listener feeling perhaps a little different or affected. I commend your artistic ambitions.
Andrew Chubb


released February 9, 2013

all tracks composed and performed by Sanjiva
(a.k.a. Charles Reix)


all rights reserved



Sanjiva Val David, Québec

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